We’re looking for technology entrepreneurs solving the world’s toughest social and environmental problems in education, health, resource efficiency and economic empowerment. We offer early-stage risk capital as well as the value of our extensive network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and executives who support our portfolio companies and increase their chances of success.

Investment Size:

We will invest between $200K to $500K per company, with the potential for follow on funding as well.

Company Stage:

We make investments at the seed through Series A stages. 


  • You must be a for-profit company
  • Impact may be global, but companies must be headquartered in the US or Canada
  • You must be willing to co-sign our Impact Commitment

What We Invest In:

  • Highly scalable models that use technology, primarily software and data, to enable the business and drive growth
  • Products that drive social or environmental impact that is built into the company’s DNA so that revenues and impact grow hand-in-hand so your interests are aligned with a potential investor’s interests
  • Action-oriented teams that have some evidence of product-market fit

What We Do Not Invest In:

  • Companies that rely on a buy-one, give-one model (i.e. giving away a product or percentage of profits to charity)
  • Fundraising platforms (e.g. x% for charity) or volunteer matching programs
  • Companies that create and sell physical products without a software component
  • Products that require a lengthy or expensive regulatory testing process to go to market
  • Consulting models

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If you’re interested in applying to Impact Engine please fill out our application form below. We require companies to submit an up-to-date copy of their pitch deck and executive summary with their applications.

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Are you an entrepreneur looking for resources to prepare to apply for funding? Be sure to check out our our portfolio page to see other companies we’ve funded, read up on our impact due diligence process on our blog, and learn more about impact entrepreneurship in Chicago.

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