We are investors in the following active impact companies.

Civic ArtWorks

Civic ArtWorks

Civic ArtWorks makes community planning and design more accessible by helping the public suggest and react to new civic projects from beginning to end, creating stronger local communities.



K-12 Testing and Assessment is a $4.5B market. Existing companies charge upwards of $30 per student assessment— pricing that works at a state level, but is out of reach for teachers, schools and districts. ClassroomIQ offers a platform that works with any assessment and costs a fraction of solutions currently available.

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Develop Link


Develop Link is a referral platform for doctors in Latin America. We help doctors access tools to search for specialists or labs, schedule appointments, and send over patient files. We then collect this data, aggregate it, and sell it to institutions including pharmaceutical firms, financial institutions, and governmental agencies.

Edovo Logo


Edovo (Jail Education Solutions d/b/a Edovo) is a mission driven organization committed to reducing recidivism by bringing the incarcerated population daily access to tech-enabled educational and rehabilitative programming, while enhancing the operations and security of correctional facilities. The Edovo educational suite is incentive-based and purposely designed to be engaging for the user, and dynamic enough to work across many technological platforms so it can reach the broadest audience.

Effortless Energy - Impact Engine

Effortless Energy

Effortless Energy makes home energy efficiency a no-brainer by acting as a market maker between homeowners, energy auditors, contractors, grant programs, and financiers. Effortless Energy uses technology and a unique financing model to make these smart home upgrades simple, free, and attractive for homeowners.

Fletch Logo website


Fletch is a college retention solution in the form of native iPhone and Android applications with web support. Fletch provides for social inclusion and academic support by empowering students to invite any classmate to a study group with just 3 taps on a phone, or get a quick answer at 2am when they are cramming for a midterm.

Guard Llama Impact Engine

Guard Llama

Guard Llama is a simple and powerful way to keep students safe both on and off campus. Through Guard Llama’s wireless handheld remote, students can easily send their profile information and GPS location to authorities in the event of a crime or emergency.



Inifiniteach is a digital learning platform for the one in 68 children diagnosed with an autism. Its first product, Skill Champ, makes it easy for parents and teachers to create customized lessons that are rooted in evidence- based autism interventions.

Learnmetrics Logo


Learnmetrics develops applications that break educational data sets free from silos to help educators discover trends, explore patterns, and communicate insights faster and easier than ever before, helping all children reach their potential.

lunalights website

Luna Lights

Luna Lights focuses on developing products that keep older adults happy and healthy while seamlessly integrating into their lives. Rather than needing to make lifestyle compromises, they provide older adults with tangible benefits through products they actually want to use.

Meal Sharing

Meal Sharing

Meal Sharing enables travelers and locals to connect with each other over home-cooked meals. The online application builds community, promotes cultural exchange, and encourages people to live healthier lives through the delicious world of food.

Pangea Logo


Pangea has found a disruptive way to make money transfer more convenient, cost-effective, and secure. Pangea provides a multiplatform solution that allows consumers to send money to anyone, from anywhere, at any time, using the web, mobile and retail locations around the world.


Piece & Co.

Piece & Co. is a marketplace that connects retail brands with artisans in the developing world. We create collaborations that provide sustainable livelihoods to underserved populations and unique, socially impactful products to our brand partners.

Portapure - Impact Engine


Portapure makes clean water available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. With its easy-to-use, patented technology, Portapure invents, designs, and manufactures affordable water filtration products for the developing world.  Portapure enables households to provide clean water for their families and sustain clean water micro businesses for their communities. Portapure: empowering individuals to save their own lives.


Prana Diabetes

Prana Diabetes is tackling the growth of diabetes through a tool that brings together technology and social ties to promote good habits. The Prana platform enables simple phone-based monitoring and record keeping of key health parameters while also leveraging a patient’s personal support network.


Regroup Therapy

Regroup Therapy provides on-demand, virtual mental health teams to health entities. By providing both qualified mental health professionals and a HIPAA compliant, highly customizable, web based video delivery platform, Regroup Therapy allows for health entities to right size their mental health offering dynamically.

Skill Scout Logo Website

Skill Scout

Skill Scout is an HR services company that brings jobs and candidates to life. We turn the transactional nature of online job boards into a transparent, human-centered experience. We do that through video jobs postings, social recruiting and hands-on interviews.

Sokowatch (Formerly Reliefwatch)

Sokowatch provides multinational companies with a data-driven distribution network focused on the informal sector of emerging markets. Through individual agents equipped with proprietary mobile data-collection tools, Sokowatch dramatically increases sales and market coverage for companies in emerging markets.



ThinkCERCA is a web-based platform that gives teachers the tools and content they need to create and deliver personalized critical thinking instruction for all students.


Totus Power

Totus Power develops battery packs for schools in developing countries by reusing lithium ion batteries from electric vehicles. Most of these schools lack access to reliable electricity to run their learning devices. By reusing these batteries, Totus Power captures their often-wasted value before recycling.


Wala (Formerly Swift)

Wala is a mobile application that provides all the benefits of a bank without all the hassle and fees. Wala offers savings solutions and intelligent suggestions on how to improve financial well-being.


Workit Health

Workit Health reimagines recovery from addictive behaviors. Workit Health is rebuilding how treatment works for individuals, families, employers and insurers.

Youtopia Logo


Youtopia is a student engagement platform that provides instant access to plug-and-play gamification tools that incentivize students to become more involved in their classes, schools, and communities.

Zero Percent Logo

Zero Percent

Zero Percent is an online food donation marketplace that helps businesses move surplus, edible food to nearby soup kitchens and shelters, reducing both hunger and waste.


Zukeeni (Formerly Smart Gardener)

Zukeeni gives you all the tools to plant and harvest a perfect garden.

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