Economic Empowerment

/Economic Empowerment
Civic ArtWorks

Civic ArtWorks

Civic ArtWorks makes community planning and design more accessible by helping the public suggest and react to new civic projects […]


First Access

First Access is a fintech company on a mission to turn data into financial opportunity for everyone. The First Access […]

Meal Sharing

Meal Sharing

Meal Sharing enables travelers and locals to connect with each other over home-cooked meals. The online application builds community, promotes […]

Pangea Logo


Pangea has found a disruptive way to make money transfer more convenient, cost-effective, and secure. Pangea provides a multi-platform solution […]


Piece & Co.

Piece & Co. is a marketplace that connects retail brands with artisans in the developing world. We create collaborations that […]

Skill Scout Logo Website

Skill Scout

Skill Scout is an HR services company that elevates how companies attract and identify talent. They turn the transactional nature […]



Sokowatch is a distribution and mobile e-commerce platform for small retail shops in emerging markets, currently focused on urban East […]



Wala bridges the gap between the 2.5B unbanked consumers in emerging markets and financial institutions through a personal financial management […]

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